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Moving Forward

My body is tired, I am tired. Tired of all the pain I have endured in my life. Pain from my past. Deep physical and emotional pain stored away deeply hidden and rooted in my body.
I am tired of hiding, protecting and holding on to my past. I am tired of all the abuse I endured in my life- the physical, the emotional and the sexual. I am tired of blaming and holding myself responsible for all the abuse. I am tired of feeling ashamed of myself. I am tired of hiding behind masks.
I am tired of playing the victim role. I am tired of the sense of entitlement I felt is owed to me by the world because I was abused.
I am tired. My body is tired.
It is time to move forward with my life. Time to stop blaming myself and others  and move forward one step at a time.
I am now ready to free and release myself of the chains and masks of shame and fear I feel. I no longer need protecting from the outside world. I am ready to let go of the
I walk forward with confidence and my shoulders held up high.  I am no longer a victim in my life but a courageous strong  determined  successful  loving woman . 

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australianwriting on July-29-18 7:27 AM
There is no doubt that we are always learning things from our past and it has been all about learning new things from them. Moving forward seems to be the only thing that we are doing at that time.
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d on May-17-19 1:45 AM
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Life is not meant to be done standing still. Whatever it is, you should keep moving forward. If you just idly wait for something to happen, then you will regret it. We do not have much time in this world, in fact, we do not have any time at all. Time goes by so fast, you will eventually grow old and will not be able to do things. It is best to do the things that you want while you still can.
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write my paper for me on May-23-19 5:55 AM
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top essay sites on June-22-19 10:14 PM
Why do I feel like I really want to hug you right now? I can feel how tired you are from the cruelty of this world. I know how tiring it is to wake up every morning knowing that you have to face the world again and pretend like you are not in pain. I know that you have already endured a lot of negative things in your life. But please know that despite all of these things, you are an inspiring woman. You are a strong and brave individual who has chosen to continue despite of what you have experienced. I do want you to know that I look up to people like you. I want you to know as well that my prayers are with you. It will be really hard but please take heart because everything will be okay in the end.
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Karen C. Cepeda on June-26-19 3:36 AM
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